A Wolfe In Sheep’s Clothing

The asshole pictured above is probably one of the biggest threats your safety, who is not a member of the Trump Administration.

His name is David Wolfe, as I believe many of you know. He is a snake oil salesman and charlatan. The bullshit that he spews barely even lives up to the name pseudoscience, or junk science … it’s not science at all, it’s just junk.

He claims to be a nutritionist, but his nutritional advice is complete horse shit:

NO, you are not going to lose belly fat by drinking apple cider vinegar every day.

NO, the only thing that happens if you keep your body at a sustained high Ph level is that you’ll go into alkalosis.

The completely absurd notion that that having alkaline blood will prevent you from getting cancer, or any other disease, comes directly from his ass.

He proclaims that the Earth is FLAT !!!

FACT: The Egyptian mathematician, Ptolemy, calculated the circumference of the Earth in ancient times. He was off by a couple of thousand miles, but he knew that the Earth was round.

David Wolfe proclaims gravity is A HOAX !!!

Let’s do a scientific experiment: I’ll take David up the 86th Floor deck of the Empire State Building, and throw him over the fence. Not only will he quickly learn how real gravity is … thanks to Isaac Newton, we can actually calculate how long it will take for his screaming body to hit 34th Street below.

Wolfe is an anti-vaxxer too !!!

He probably went to the same medical school as Playboy Playmate, Jenny McCarthy.

He proclaims that vaccines actually give you diseases, rather than train your immune system to identify and eliminate diseases.

This claim has been debunked over, and over, and over again since a lone British quack concocted a phony study that used faulty data to make the ludicrous assertion that the Measles, Mumps and Rubella Vaccine causes autism.

He tells people to not get their children vaccinated, which in turn not only leads to children dying every year of completely preventable illness … it also leads to those illnesses mutating, so that what was once a preventable disease is now in a more virulent, untreatable form, that even people who had been vaccinated can now catch.

NOTE: I’m using his photo under the FAIR USE DOCTRINE, as a teaching aid. And he wouldn’t dare sue me for liable, because, as is the maxim in libel law, TRUTH IS AN ABSOLUTE DEFENSE … being the Plaintiff, it would force him to prove his bullshit as actual fact in a court of law, because the burden of proof that I’m saying something with either actual or constructive knowledge of its falseness is on him.

©2017, A. A. Spett.

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