The Affirmative Action of Eugenics, or How the Completely Unqualified Steal Your Opportunities

Trump wants to bullshit about Affirmative Action as “discrimination against white” applicants. This is Trump’s Civil Rights Movement.

Let’s talk about a long standing stealth “Affirmative Action” program that this country has had for the wealthy, for over a century.

There is a yeshiva in Paramus, NJ, called The Frisch School. That’s Jared Kushner’s alma mater. They said that his grades didn’t warrant it, nor did his SAT scores … but somehow he was accepted to Harvard University.

Yes, it’s amazing what a $2.5 Million donation from daddy to Harvard can do to boost your chances.

For well over a century, the completely undeserving have been stealing seats in universities, and stealing job opportunities from those who actually merit those things because of one of two factors:

1. Their family gave tremendous donations as outright bribes; or,
2. They are “Legacies.”

The first is rather self-explanatory, actually. Rich people have bribed their way into so many places that they were completely unqualified to go … Ambassadorships, Judgeships, Military Commands, etc.

In Ancient Regime France, you could become nobility, simply by buying the title. That is absolutely nothing new.

“Legacy” is a code word. It means, “you’re one of us.” Many of the daftest and simple children of wealthy people have made their way into the hallowed halls of Ivy League institutions simply because their father or grandfather attended the school.

Young Chester Addison Smith III could be as dumb as a post, but he has the genes. He has the breeding to be a Yalie. And so to Yale he shall go, while the son of a tailor with four years of straight As, and who volunteered to spoon fed disabled veterans on the weekends gets denied admission.

In America, we have advancement based on eugenics. That’s the REAL scandal. That’s the REAL crime.

The Affirmative action program was designed to give people of different races and ethnicities a way in. It was created for a more inclusive society, a fairer one.

In a landmark Supreme Court case on the issue, the High Court held that the race of a student can be just one factor amongst others in a student’s admission to a school. It is NOT the end all and be all that Trump is making it out to be.

White people are NOT being discriminated against.

But where as race is only one factor for people who are not white and rich, Harvard took 2.5 million factors into consideration when admitting a completely unqualified Jared Kushner.


©2017, A. A. Spett.

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