Our Little Nazi Problem

Our Exceptional Country, the good ol’ U.S. of A. has a very prodigious history of recycling Nazis that many are not aware of.

Aside from the fact that William Patrick Hitler, Adolph Hitler’s nephew, settled in Yaphank, NY, under the alias William Stewart-Houston … and Yaphank, NY, was the de facto capital of the German American Bund, and had streets named after Hitler, Goering, and Himmler at one time … we got our share of Nazis in other ways too.

Many people don’t know that America’s POW camps from the European Theater were not in Europe, but right here on American soil. Thousands of captured SS and Wehrmacht were held in camps in the rural areas of the South and Midwest.

HOWEVER, ONCE THE WAR WAS OVER, THEY WERE NOT REPATRIATED BACK TO GERMANY. We opened the gates of the POW camps, and let thousands of unrepentant Nazis just walk out, and disappear into the American landscape.

And then we wonder why we have a Nazi/Fascist/White Supremacy problem in 21st Century America.

The most famous recycling of Nazis was, of course, Operation Paperclip, in which we took Nazi scientists as our own. SS Colonel, Werner von Braun was our most celebrated and famous Nazi.

Von Braun and his merry group of scientists operated their own concentration camp in France, where Jewish slaves were forced to make the parts for von Braun’s V2 Rockets that reigned down terror on England.

After the invasion of Europe had begun, and American forces broke through the German lines in Normandy and headed into the interior of the country, von Braun ordered the liquidation of the camp. “Liquidation” means that all of the Jewish men, women, and children were murdered: Executed, rather than let them flee to the Americans or French Partisans.

But SS Colonel von Braun and his men gladly gave themselves up to the Americans and were repatriated to the United States. Here, they began our missile program and founded NASA, the US Space Agency.

Colonel von Braun became the smiling face of our space program, explaining the physics behind the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions on the evening news watched in millions of homes around the country.